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The dragons choice

2010-09-12 17:28:19 by tailsfan165


A knight charges at Chazzeline ,a girl dragon, but Chazzeline knocks him off his horse with her tail. She stares at the knight then turns to the horse and eats it, even though the knights armor made loud scraping noises making a stealthy escape almost impossible Chazzeline ignored it and the knight got away only beacause the dragon allowed it. Then Chazzeline flew to the princesses tower as she tore the roof off, her hide sparkled green in the light. Chazzeline then flew to a nearby cave and said she said she would let the princess go if they gave her a chest full of gold coins for her hoard within a month the chest was brough to Chazzeline but she didn.t hold her end of the bargain instead she took the chest, killed the knigjts, ate the princess. Lets view some flash backs off Chazzeline as a wyrmling.

(end of prologue)


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