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2010-10-11 19:37:40 by tailsfan165

I haz wings and i slapped all who are reading this with them while i was fwap fwap fwapping them. Then we all danced to the thriller and micheal jackson did the moonwalk and the world exploded then i said "... i c a bwight light ... are we dead?" Then everything went black and woke up in a room and this girl was hitting the wall screaming at me "HIT THE GOD DAMN BUTTON!!!" So i hit the button the door fell and the zombies poured in an gave me butterfly wings then we all danced to the barney song. O-o wait ... you were not supposed to here that. Oh well then i woke up outside staring at a woman holding a battery up to a generator screaming "Why isn't this god damnel thing working!!!???" Then the zombies and a purple rat cought me and we stole random stuff from random stores.

(The End)


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